Trevi advocaten

Trevi Advocaten is a law firm, which can help you with your legal affairs concerning business or work. Our firm can consult and assist you in four legal areas: labor law, contract law, corporate law and tenancy law. Together with you, we search for the most efficient solution to your problem.

While lawyers are used to go to courts, for most problems, legal proceedings are not always the best course of action for the parties concerned. This is even more so for people who live and work in foreign countries, where new cultural context and language may make them entirely dependent on experts for advice. We strive to work with you and not for you.

Living and working abroad is very enticing for many people. It has many advantages, and is full of opportunities. However, we understand that it also comes with challenges. Being far from extended family and support, couples need to rely more on each other, new language and culture are often barriers to understanding the laws of the foreign country. This is why foreigners find it more difficult to know what to do when unexpected legal situations happen.

We often get questions, like, “I was informed by my boss during a meeting that we no longer can work together, I was fired on spot, and needed to leave my office immediately. While I do not agree with this decision, I do not know what my rights are or what can I do? ” Trevi Advocaten can help you with all your labor related issues.

There are also entrepreneurs who come to us with questions such as “I sold my company, and things did not go smoothly after the closing date”, or “We started a new company, I landed my business partner some money. Currently we are in discussion and we do not agree together”. Trevi Advocaten will search with you for the best solution for all your legal issues concerning your business and ownership.

Trevi Advocaten specializes and can advise in four different jurisdictions: labor law, contract law, corporate law and tenancy law. Thus, we can help both entrepreneurs and individuals with their issues in these areas. If you have any questions we will be happy to seat down with you, and answer them over a cup of coffee in our office. You can also call or email us with your questions. We do offer the first half-an-hour consultation free of charge to get to know your issue, and to explain what we can do for you.

Leave your legal stuff with us so you can be free to do what you prefer most. In this way, Trevi Advocaten will also do what they are most happy doing: co-creating solutions for your legal issues.